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Girls always around, who do not want to give up convenience in favor of style, with an ever-growing need to be themselves and to express their personality : Mou shoes perfectly embody the ideals of the strong and independent women of our age.

The Mou brand originates in London in recent times : it is in 2002 that the founder, Shelley Tichborne, has this idea of merging its needs from globetrotter into a pair of comfortable and fashionable shoes.

You're always around, with that adventurer animus, ready to explore new places, outside and inside your city : convenience is what you're looking for in the pair of shoes that accompany you during your discoveries.

Mou boots embrace the foot with the soft sole that distinguishes them, giving a sensation of naturalness that hardly any other shoes can guarantee in the same way. How to go around barefoot, confident that your shoes will never abandon you.

And not only that : Your shoes talk about you and speak for yourself, with a very amusing choice of models that fit every personality.

Grintose and eclectic, the Mou shoes settle all the taste : from the antelope cowboy boot to the eskimo, from the calf-leather slippers to the Nanuk blizzards of snow in captum. A soft mix that expresses itself in an innovative design, capable of always keeping the concept of ethics and aesthetics in the forefront.

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