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The first line of clothing was drawn in 1985 thanks also to the economic support of the partner and magnate Mohan Murhani who stayed with him until 1989 when the brand was very solid. The success was immediate and they were created over time several lines ; the main, Tommy Hifinger, is a revisitation of the classic American style with focus in particular on consumers ages 25-45.

The original idea was to create elegant but easy-to-wear chiefs, to be able to use both in formal contexts and in more "relaxed" situations. The motto of the exords was "The next big thing in american fashion," the next big thing in American fashion, with a clear programmatic intent : anticipate the times, push for renewal and cutting-edge.

It was a testament to engaging in advertising with outcry photographers and captivating graphics, in communication via TV, in social, in e-commerce : all sectors of which the brand has moved ahead of many competitors.

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