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" Fondue in 1985 as a male apparel brand, Scotch & Soda now proposes collections that include women's clothing, children, denim, fragrances and accessories, gaining a unique space in today's world fashion landscape.

Our children's collection came in 2008, the first to propose exactly the same kind of machining that we find in our line as a man, in a real "mini-me" style. We added the women's clothing collection in 2009, after seeing some women wear our men's clothes, thus highlighting the inclusive character of our fashion.

2010 has been characterized by numerous novelties, such as the new collection for the child and our premium line in denim. In the same year we also proposed Barfly, our iconic unisex fragrance.

Today, we continue experimenting with collections that embody freedom and creativity. More recently, we have launched a line of shoes and glasses, as well as the two badges perfume Scotch & Soda and the newest Island Water, which celebrates the spirit of an everlasting summer. "

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