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Mini Melissa is the brand of children's footwear, sister of Melissa, a well-known brand of women's rubber footwear! A brand made in Brasil, which has been able to transform a material, plastic, into design accessories. Thanks also to a series of collaborations : "Plastic Dreams", this is the motto of the Brazilian brand Melissa, where design, innovation, pop and diversity of materials mix together by creating real works of art. Dreams of plastic, rich in history and creativity, desire objects and indispensable accessories, Melissa shoes are acclaimed by the world's press. The Brazilian brand Grendene, maker of the shoes Melissa, becomes in a short time famous thanks to its collections and collaborations with important brands and designers!

Mini Melissa creates footwear made with 100% recycled plastic from a socially engaged and eco-friendly Brazilian company. Pioneer of the movement for sustainable fashion, Mini Melissa proposes decolletis and Mary Jane from the practical and colorful style, think for eco-conscious families.

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