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The Twin-Set brand Simona Barbieri is born from an all-Italian, pink story. Its creator is in fact Simona Barbieri, of Modenan descent, which begins in the early 90 to launch on the market an all-female fashion composed almost exclusively of bosses made in mesh.

In addition to the Twin-Set T-shirt, it has also given ample space to other garments such as t-shirts, shirts, bluse, trousers, skirts, coats and clothing. To these were also added the jeans line, the intimate, the sea fashion and especially the accessories. In fact, jewelry, bags, scarves, shoes and so much more become the elements that are able to customize their own look.

The Twin-Set line is thought for uniquely for all women without making any distinction of age. Both a professional, and a mom, that a girl manage to find their right size and their favorite look. In fact, the brand essentially divides into three categories : the more classic one of Twin-Set, the one most fashionable and rid of Scee by Twin-Set and finally Twin-Set Girl thought for the smaller ones that have clear ideas about what to wear.

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