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These Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as "General Conditions") govern the sale of the products marketed by the Company FLORISSIMA srl of BARI in order to ensure maximum transparency and clarity in the relationship with users. All sales and purchase transactions, between Vendor and Customer, will be governed by the following General Conditions.


Users who intend to purchase on and enjoy the services on the site must carry out the Registration. The user who proceeds to the registration declares that he has taken a view of the Privacy Statement, and that the personal data entered is truthful, as well as correct, assuming full responsibility with respect to the information provided. In the case of variations, the user is required to inform the Company in a timely manner.

Acceptance of the conditions of sale

The contract entered into between the company FLORISSIMA srl and the Customer must intend to conclude, even in a partial manner of the order, by FLORISSIMA srl OF MURGOLO FRANCESCO. Such acceptance is deemed to be subtext, after communique, with any mode, to the Customer. By carrying out an order in the various planned arrangements, the Customer declares that he has taken a view of all the particulars to him provided during the purchase procedure and to accept the general conditions of sale in full.

Availability of products and fulfillment of orders

The electronic commerce system adopted at the site is designed to ensure the Customer with maximum transparency, indicating in real time the exact state of availability of the Products at warehouse and their delivery times.
However, there is to be considered the fact that multiple users can make orders of the same article / i simultaneously and consequently vary the quantity of the products present within our warehouse. In this case it will be our concern to notify the Customer by telephone or by e-mail of any problems related to the availability of the product, which at that point will be able to decide freely whether or not to cancel the order made. In the event of cancellation you will be immediately reimbursed of the sum paid.

reserves the opportunity to also only partially evade the orders received according to the availability of the products at the warehouse.

It is also recalled that the images and information present within the tabs produced are indicative and may sometimes not fully correspond to the actual features of the article, despite showing a lot of care and attention even in this.


The orders are accepted only and exclusively through the Internet (on-line). The customer who sends the order directly from the site will receive, at the end of the procedure, a communication by e-mail (e-mail) confirming the order of order, with the indication of the order number. Under the assumption that, after sending the order, it does not appear (a few minutes elapsed) the order number, the proposal will be intended as unaccepted, to any effect of law, even if for accounting, administrative or product deficiency reasons.
It is possible to cancel an order only if the same has not yet been evased and the merchandise not yet sent, by telephone or by written communication to be sent by e-mail to the address

For orders already evaded the customer will have to exercise the Right of Recreation.

Sales Prices

All sales prices displayed on the site are indicated in Euro and are inclusive of VAT. They may undergo changes without notice. The shipping costs, except for exceptional or promotional cases, shall be borne by the Customer, clearly displayed prior to the completion of the order. In the event of a price discordance, following the Customer's order, these will be immediately communicated to the Customer by telephone or by means of an e-mail which, without any penalty, will be able to withdraw from the purchase commitment assumed.

Mode and delivery times

The shipments occur exclusively by courier, delivering within 10/20 working days (except for certain exceptions) following evasion of the order in all of Italy. The transport charges shall be borne by the customer, clearly visible at the time of the carrying out of the order. For uninsured merchandise FLORISSIMA srl DI MURGOLO FRANCESCO takes no responsibility for the loss, tampering or rupture of the product (s) purchased / s and on any delays in delivery by shipping companies. For more information go to the Speeches page.

Complaints and rendered

At the receipt of the merchandise, the Customer shall be held immediately to verify its status and compliance. Complaints relating to the conformity of products, including in relation to their quantity and / or external appearance, shall be made in writing by means of the appropriate procedure and the appropriate Authorised Material Re-entry Request Form (RMA). The merchandise will have to be sent to a free port at the ns. warehouses accompanied by a transport document on which the number of RMA will have to be indicated. The unaudited merchandise of that number will not be accepted. In the event of a request for RMA by failure or damaged product, where the returned product is functional, La FLORISSIMA srl DI MURGOLO FRANCESCO will reserve the right to charge the cost of the transport for the postponement of the merchandise, and lump sum as reimbursement for the technical expenses of € 25.00 + VAT. If the statement is accepted, it will be reimbursed net of the shipping expenses.

Applicable law and competent forum

This Agreement shall be governed by the Italian Law. For any dispute arising on the interpretation and execution of this Agreement, the forum of BARI will be competent